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January Product of the Month: Hanwha Vision PNM-C34404RQPZ

18 January 2024

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Our Product of the Month for January is the PNM-C34404RQPZ Camera from Hanwha Vision. With a combination of a 360-degree 4K multi-sensor AI camera and a 2MP 40x PTZ camera, this piece of kit sits at the forefront of surveillance technology.


Enhanced Control with PTRZ Remote Adjustment Technology


The PTRZ function of this offering from Hanwha is a game-changer in simplifying maintenance. Post-installation, all adjustments and configurations can be carried out remotely and with ease, making it a flexible and convenient option for the end user.

Benefiting from Smart Zoom, the device can seamlessly magnify notable events. This can also be paired with auto-tracking functionality for comprehensive coverage. The calibration feature synchronises the fixed camera's video feed with PTZ movement, allowing automatic focus on specific areas within the fixed camera's view.

Equipped with a 4.44~142.6mm (Optical 40x) lens, the PNM-C34404RQPZ Camera offers a highly detailed monitoring solution. This device is both efficient and cost-effective in its design, with less cable, conduit, and mounting hardware than deploying multiple separate cameras would require. With less network connections, it also demands fewer switches, making it an economical CCTV option.


Precision in Recognition: Object Classification Based on Advanced AI Engine


The PNM-C34404RQPZ Camera provides 360-degree object detection and classification that – powered by deep-learning AI – can identify people, faces, various vehicle types, and licence plates in real time. The device’s integration with this AI-based object detection helps to reduce false alarms, such as waving trees and moving shadows. Additionally, the camera supports vehicle type classification, allowing it to decipher cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

By leveraging AI for classification, relevant events can quickly be found to assist forensic search, improving operational efficiency. The camera also benefits from a full suite of intruder detection analytics – including virtual line and area crossing – to reinforce safety and prevent trespassing by promptly identifying and addressing potential threats.


Effortless Setup with Intuitive New Design for Easy Installation


This device boasts various cutting-edge features that prioritise both the convenience of the end user, and optimal performance in a range of settings.

The PNM-C34404RQPZ Camera offers exceptional image quality. It delivers up to 4K resolution on the 4 fixed sensors, and 2MP 40x on the PTZ. This sharp level of detail ensures the monitoring of large and complex scenes, making the device a highly reliable choice in many different environments.

It also allows for intuitive installation, streamlined by a 3-point twist connection for quick and easy mounting. It also benefits from easy-to-use Grommet and single cable installation to meet the IP66 rating for enhanced weather protection.

Accessing the microSD card and reset button for the PNM-C34404RQPZ Camera can be achieved by simply removing a single cover for easy maintenance. Its hard-coated dome bubble provides extra durability, offering reinforced protection for the camera in more challenging conditions.


Hanwha Vision 4K 4Ch PTRZ + 2MP 40x PTZ AI Camera


Item no: W128405310


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