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April Product of the Month: Suprema BioStation 3

23 April 2024

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Our Product of the Month for April is BioStation 3 from Suprema. Perfect for any business and compatible with any door, this solution sets a new standard in access control. BioStation 3 is easy to install and use in any environment. Whether for a small office to a massive enterprise building, this excellent piece of kit ensures optimal security.


Innovative Biometric Technology with BioStation 3


At the heart of Suprema’s BioStation 3 lies its enhanced biometric recognition capacity. Thanks to its field of depth measurement, along with the ability to safeguard against fake faces and images, BioStation 3 offers a reliable and accurate access-control solution.

Suprema’s cutting-edge technology benefits from dynamic face templates to optimise matching performance of any ethnicity. BioStation 3 also recognises faces wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards, and many other distinctions. As well as facial recognition, it leverages multiple credentials, including mobile access, QR & barcode, and RFID card. Faces in high-traffic areas can be accurately recognised in a remarkable 0.2 seconds. This enables the technology to be well-suited to outdoor environments, in addition to less congested indoor settings.


BioStation 3 for Easy Set-Up & Seamless Integration


Quick installation of an access-control product has never been easier thanks to POE+, which grants connection between the internet and a power supply using a single wire. A custom USB host connected to a SIM slot or RS232 helps simplify new add-ons, promoting easy connectivity. The sleek, compact design of this model improves upon the previous model, to say nothing of its larger variety of enhanced features.

BioStation 3 enables integrated management over an entire access-control system. VoIP Intercom and RTSP-based video monitoring can be adopted to manage visitor access quickly and easily, from any location. VoIP offers seamless communication with all doors, with real-time video monitoring exponentially increasing security in any end setting. All of this serves to ensure that the end user remains in control of all access points, 100% of the time.


Future-Proofing Your Access-Control Technology


With its facial recognition capabilities, BioStation 3 offers wider-reaching benefits, in addition to its reliably secure functionality. For example, the technology does away with traditional plastic passes as a means of entry, offering an easy switch for businesses to a more environmentally friendly solution.

Particularly ideal as an access-control system for office, education, and healthcare environments, BioStation eliminates the need for a finger touchpoint. This helps to prevent the spread of illness, providing yet another instant benefit to this fantastic product.

What’s more, BioStation is proudly GDPR compliant. This empowers the end user to own their own data, whilst complying with privacy protection laws.


Suprema Biostation3 BioStation3 Fusion Face Recognition with Dual RFID, QR Code, Bluetooth and Intercom


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