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World Mental Health Day 2023: Meet our Mental Health First Aider

10 October 2023

Mental Health Day 23 Website V1

With 10th October marking World Mental Health Day, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to chat with our very own Mental Health First Aider, Fiona Crawford, about her role within the company…


1. What is your role?

Simply to support and give advice to anyone who feels like a chat, if feeling a bit low or stressed etc.

Also, to listen and communicate non-judgementally. Encourage them to get appropriate professional help, or just to talk to family and friends. You need to be approachable, be patient, trustworthy and show empathy. Not everyone feels comfortable with talking to strangers, it’s all about feeling comfortable in the situation to express their emotions.

I may also approach someone to assess and assist if I recognise the signs that they may not be coping very well. Being a MHFA, I would say you’d have to be a great listener, have patience, and be prepared for tears. I do bring tissues, and lots of hugs. 🤗


2. How long have you been doing the role?

I completed the Alpha Safety course on 14/10/22.


3. Why did you decide to take on the role?

Having suffered with this condition myself in the past, I know how it feels to be in that dark place, which I slowly recovered from with the right support, so I love helping others who are going through the same, as I can relate to the type of behaviours.

I'm a great listener and love talking and trying to make people smile, even laugh. I've had experience in helping others who have suffered with this illness in the past. It’s all about listening with compassion and patience to understand that person who needs to reach out to. I believe we all suffer with Mental Health in some way, as it can pay a huge part of everyday lives. It's all about how we cope and get the right support and guidance. In the workplace, many employees don't know how to speak up until they're really struggling to cope, in fear of criticism.

Mental health is all around us, and not everyone is aware of the stigma that comes with it. All of us should understand what MH is and not discriminate. You never know, the person next to you could be suffering in silence. So just be kind and give them a smile 😊

It’s ok if you fall apart sometimes. Taco’s fall apart and we still love them 😁

If I know I've helped, even just one person, I know I'm doing my job, and that’s really rewarding 🤗

Thanks for taking the time to read this, let’s take care of each other. ❤


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