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November Product of the Month: Bosch Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera

08 November 2023

Bosch Dinion 7100I IR POTM Website

Our Product of the Month for November is the Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera from Bosch. This camera provides an extremely robust solution for a range of mission-critical applications.

The ruggedised and stable design has exceptional corrosion resistance for use in any outdoor application.


Powerful Features for Enhanced Outdoor Security


Using 1/1.8” sensors with 4MP resolution, the Bosch Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera offers the perfect balance between high resolution and extreme low-light sensitivity. Starlight X and HDR X technology combined with powerful intelligent IR illumination ensure highly detailed images, even in the most challenging situations.

These devices have a powerful, embedded processor, with dedicated hardware to support advanced machine learning and deep neural network-based Video Analytics. Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro) enriches full situational awareness and triggers relevant alerts.

This device boasts robust housing, exceptional image quality, and powerful video analytics. It is the optimal choice for the most demanding outdoor applications – such as traffic monitoring, critical infrastructure, and perimeter security.


Wipe Out False Triggers with the Bosch Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera


The camera comes with the IVA Pro Building and the IVA Pro Perimeter pre-installed. This enables highly reliable, deep learning-based detection and tracking of persons and vehicles in both sterile and crowded conditions.

This device eliminates false triggers from a range of variables, including rain, wind (moving trees), snow, hail, and water reflections, as well as shadows and bugs. It reliably detects, tracks, and classifies objects. A smart set of alarm and counter rules alert the end user when predefined alarms are triggered. The camera can then forensically search with high efficiency through recordings.

Another fantastic feature of this device is its user-friendly configuration, with no need for calibration. Additional options can be licensed to optimise the camera analytics for specific enterprise use-cases with the IVA Pro Traffic.


Choose the Bosch Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera for Optimised Protection


Special measures have been put in place to ensure the highest level of security for device access and data transport. The three-level password protection with security recommendations allows the user to customise device access. Web browser access can be protected using HTTPS, and firmware updates can also be protected and authenticated secure uploads.

The cameras have built-in Secure Element (SE) hardware, providing main Trusted Platform Module (TPM) functionality to ensure the highest levels of data security and privacy protection. Together with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support, superior protection from malicious attacks is guaranteed. With future firmware updates, the camera will also support RSA encryption key lengths of up to 4096 bits, ensuring data safety beyond 2030. 802.1x network authentication with EAP/TLS will also be added.


Easy Configuration Using the Bosch Project Assistant App


As the Bosch Dinion 7100i IR Bullet Camera is equipped with a USB-C port for a wireless USB dongle (sold separately), the installer can easily perform the initial configuration wirelessly. Using a mobile device with the Bosch Project Assistant app, the end user can perform initial set-up and lens zoom-focus to find the right angle. Simply connect the wireless USB dongle and go to Bosch Project Assistant app, available for iOS, Windows, or Android.


Bosch Bullet 4MP HDR X 4.4-10mm CPP14 IP67 


Item no: W128311577


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