(OT Systems)

Digital fibre optic video/data, 1 channel receiver, singlemode, minimodule

The FTD110DB Micro series supports optical transmission
of 8-bit PCM coded video and one bi-directional data
through one multimode or singlemode optical fiber. It is
the smallest video with data transmitter/receiver pair
among all OT Systems products. The transmitter only
occupies limited space for easy installation within most
camera housings.

  • Non-compressed 8-bit digital video transmission
  • High optical output power
  • Video Bandwidth 6.25MHz/1310nmSignal-to-Noise Ratio >60dB
  • For 62.5/125µm Fiber Optic Cable
  • Maximum distance 4 km / multi mode
  • Voltage protection on power supply/inputs/outputs
  • Eliminates EMI, RFI and ground loups
  • Adjustment and maintenance free
  • ST system plug
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +75°C
  • Compatible with FDT100, FDT100M, FDT-XXR3 series
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Oprema offers a range of technical support services to all of our customers, including:

  • Network Hardware Configuration
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • IP CCTV System Design
  • Commissioning Support

For more information on support, please call on 029 2064 1509


Datasheet - 341k
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